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The attorneys of Alan Goldfarb, PA have worked to serve automobile accident victims and their families in receiving justice and just compensation for more than 40 years, as this firm has regularly been included among Florida Super Lawyers’ Top 100 Lawyers and South Florida Legal Guide's List of Top Law Firms and Attorneys. But it wasn’t until a recent verdict that the attorneys realized the incredible dangers of distracted driving. Attorneys Alan Goldfarb and Rick Gunion earned a verdict of $8.8 million for the family of a mother that was killed by a teenager that had been texting while driving. Because of the growing reality of the dangers of distracted driving, Alan Goldfarb, PA is devoted to raising awareness and seeking justice for the victims of this needless and deadly habit.


On June 18, 21-year-old Carly Goeller caused a two-car crash because she was texting.  Although this accident fortunately resulted in no deaths, an unidentified woman was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport for treatment.  Police charged Goeller with both distracted driving and failure to drive in the proper lane, according to an .

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With a large number of statistics reporting on the impact of texting while driving, it’s clear that there are massive risks involved.  Although many people are becoming aware of the dangers, they might not realize that they’re putting themselves at risk.  by the University of Michigan revealed that drivers might not be aware of their actions in the car.

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Distracted driving is a growing problem in jurisdictions around the globe, with the incidences of accidents cause by drivers using their cellular devices skyrocketing. of the much-anticipated iPhone 5 last week saw a massive response from consumers, with several million of these devices being ordered within a few days' time. Some experts are concerned that the new device could encourage distracted driving more so than ever before, thanks to the turn-by-turn directions offered to driving using Apple's proprietary Maps app.

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