Distracted Driving Lawsuits


Distracted Driving Lawsuit

Studies show that texting while driving has climbed steadily each year to make distracted driving the leading cause of automobile accidents, with thousands of drivers causing crashes due to multitasking-related behavior each year. These accidents are leading to an increased number of distracted driving lawsuits, as safe motorists are feeling increasingly threatened by this careless behavior.

Distracted Driving Laws

As a result, lawmakers in 2009 were encouraged to put a moratorium on texting and other mobile device usage while driving. In response, 14 states and the District of Columbia collectively agreed to make driving while texting (DWT) an unlawful and fineable offense. Conferences have been held to address the burgeoning problem of cell phone use behind the wheel, with many Washington lawmakers and attorneys now backing a bill to prohibit DWT on a national scale.

Parents, physicians, and even major phone companies are getting behind the ban of DWT, with approximately 9 out of 10 U.S. adults feeling it is a hazardous activity. According to Life Science Online, distracted teens swerved between lanes, reached shocking speeds, and mowed down countless pedestrians during virtual driving simulator tests. While this destructive pattern was also apparent among multitasking adult drivers, teens were deemed more dangerous due to their exhaustive use of texting and MP3 devices. Commercial drivers are not immune, with truckers creating a dangerous environment for all when texting or reaching for their mobile devices while in charge of their large vehicles.

Distracted Driving Lawsuits

What most drivers neglect to realize is that, not only could an accident result from texting, but that any injuries sustained by victims may result in a personal injury lawsuit. In the worst cases, trying to multitask while driving could even slam text fanatics with a wrongful death lawsuit and charges of vehicular manslaughter. In either situation, there is an abundance of personal injury lawyers available to seek compensation for victims’ pain and suffering while ensuring distracted drivers pay for being careless. Over the years, a number of tragic high-profile cases have helped to further substantiate future civil claims.

Texting While Driving Lawsuits 

Many states have now taken the punishment for DWT more seriously, with some issuing up to 15 year jail sentences for offenders who have caused major accidents resulting from negligence behind the wheel. Others have increased fines, with DWT now carrying a potential $10,000 price tag. These measures are meant to deter DWT, hopefully reduce the amount of resulting accidents and therefore the need for the many personal injury lawsuits flooding court dockets today.

However, unlike DUI or DWI offenders, prosecuting has proved difficult since there is no test to verify a motorist was texting while driving. Yet, the anti-DWT movement continues to gather momentum and if nationwide ban takes place, states could stand to lose 25 percent of their highway funding should they not implement adequate consequences.

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