Accidents due to an auto injury can considerably change a person’s life. One of the most life-altering injuries is the loss of a limb due to an accident. A serious accident such as a car wreck, train wreck or motorcycle accident can create ruptured blood vessels and lead to tissue death.  

An amputation will most likely severely alter a person’s life style. The loss of a limb or appendage can sometimes include the loss of a job and can often lead to psychological stress. In some cases this stress can result in the loss of social status and even the loss of friends and family. Loss of an individual’s ability to perform their job duties resulting in unemployment naturally leads to a loss of income. While individuals may be eligible for social security and other forms of aid, concerns can still arise as to how to provide for family and handle daily expenses.  

Another concern may arise depending on the type of amputation involved. An amputation from an accident can be one of two types. A traumatic amputation occurs when the limb or appendage is detached from the body during the accident or traumatic event. Another type of amputation is the surgical amputation, which occurs when doctors and other medical staff deem it necessary to proceed with an amputation in order to save the patient. In some rare cases, the amputation turns out to have been unnecessary and ill advised, resulting in needless injury and damages.

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