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Back injuries are one of the most common injuries caused by automobile accidents. Back injuries are also typically one of the most painful and high-cost injuries from which a person can suffer. The type and severity of the back injury may vary, and the repercussions range from mild to severe treatment methods to a debilitated lifestyle. It is vital to recognize a possible back injury after a car accident has occurred and to seek treatment quickly.

First of all, the back can be injured during a car accident in different ways. If back muscles, tendons, or ligaments are stretched or torn, it causes either back strain or a back sprain, which becomes evident with the presence of pain, swelling, spasms, or difficulty moving the back muscles. Another type of back injury caused by car accidents is a herniated disc. This happens when part of the spine separates. This spinal disc presses against nerves, causing extreme pain, possibly for life. Signs of a herniated disc include intense back pain and a numbness or weak feeling in the legs, feet, and toes. Disc injuries may occur in the mid-back or lower back and can also result in paralysis, weak bladder control, and trouble breathing.

Depending on the severity of the injury, a medical professional will recommend certain treatments. The possible treatment methods include medication, ice packs, bed rest. Treatment may also require surgery and physical therapy.

After being in an auto accident, treatment needs to be sought immediately. Although back pain sometimes lasts no more than weeks after an accident, it can get worse, and it may be a more severe injury than it appears. A record of treatment will protect the injured person in the event the insurance company states they are unable to offer compensation due to a lack of evidence for the relationship between the back injury and the car accident.

Individuals experiencing back pain, no matter how mild, after being in an accident should seek medical attention in a timely manner. Even minor accidents, such as being rear-ended at a low speed, can cause serious back injuries.

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