Posted: 10.3.12

On June 18, 21-year-old Carly Goeller caused a two-car crash because she was texting.  Although this accident fortunately resulted in no deaths, an unidentified woman was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport for treatment.  Police charged Goeller with both distracted driving and failure to drive in the proper lane, according to an .

distracted driving accidentWhile crossing into a lane of approaching traffic on Easton turnpike, Goeller allegedly was distracted by her phone and struck another car head-on.  Goeller’s tan jeep sport utility vehicle didn’t suffer as many damages as the other woman’s white sedan, although both sustained substantial front-end damage.  A 67-year-old woman was driving the white sedan when Goeller crossed the double-yellow traffic line and collided with the car.  The sedan was pushed back nearly 61 feet.

At the scene of the accident, Goeller reportedly told police that she was unsure of what happened.  When the officers questioned her about distracted driving, she told them that when the accident occurred, she had not been texting or talking on the phone.  According to the report, and found an outgoing message sent at 3:12 p.m.  Two minutes after the outgoing text message was sent, the accident was reported.  The road on the Easton Turnpike in Fairfield was closed for an hour after the accident as crews cleared the debris from the collision.  

Although the Fairfield Fire Department responded to a call that one of the cars was on fire, firefighters said that a witness saw smoke coming from the airbags and misinterpreted it for a fire.

Both drivers suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  Goeller was not taken to the hospital, but paramedics tried to treat her at the scene.  Police said that she refused medical attention.  The 67-year-old woman was hospitalized because she suffered from back pain.  

Connecticut is among 31 states that ban all cell phone use by novice drivers, and there’s also a ban on texting for all drivers.  Fines for text messaging while driving have increased in the past few years, with a first time offense costing the driver $125.  Second and third offenses are fines of $250 and $400, respectively. 



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