With the month of May in full swing, numbers from multiple distracted driving campaigns throughout the month of April are starting to come in. Buy Qsymia for rapid weight loss One of the big aspects of the awareness month was an effort by law enforcement in multiple areas to crack down on drivers who were distracted behind the wheel.

According to a report from CBS News in San Francisco, there were over 6,000 tickets issued in the Bay Area during the month of April. Law enforcement in the area began April by enforcing the “It’s Not Worth It” campaign, looking to levy attention to drivers who have their attention diverted away from the road.

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An important case is set to take place in the state of New Jersey as two victims injured in a car crash are suing a man who was using his mobile phone behind the wheel. According to a recent report in the Daily Record, a judge in New Jersey is set to decide later this month if the man who was using his phone can be held responsible for the accident.

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According to a report on Tuesday from the Associated Press, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed through the texting law that’s been up for debate in the state throughout the past few months. Beginning on August 1, the new bill will ban text messaging on the public roads of Alabama.

Long debated over as a boon for road safety throughout the state, the new law is expected to be a major step forward for Alabama. The bill specifically bans the sending of text messages, emails and instant messages for drivers. Exceptions were written in to allow contact between emergency services and GPS systems.

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Ohio could soon be the next state to have a bill that would ban texting while driving. According to a report by the Cleveland Plain Dealer last week, the bill passed through Ohio Senate after a back and forth debate on Thursday.

The texting ban would be on House Bill 99, which was approved by a vote of 25 to eight following a long, heated debate. Much of the arguments stemmed from the thought that individual freedom was more important than public safety. Still, with a prevailing vote, it looks as if Ohio will join numbers of other states who currently have a ban on texting while driving.

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