Ray LaHood, the Secretary for US Transportation spoke out last week about the possibility of a federal law banning talking or texting while driving. In a recent report from Reuters, LaHood is quoted as saying that federal legislation may be the only way to handle distracted driving cases, which he sees as a “national epidemic.”

According to the article, LaHood has long been critical of distracted driving cases and the effect of technology on road safety. Speaking out about getting a federal ban, however, really spotlighted the intent for LaHood and the Department of Transportation.

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Multiple reports this week have come out stating that Alabama Legislature is about to pass a law that would ban texting and driving throughout the state. Back in February, there was a 92-0 vote in the house, which went onto a successful 24-7 vote this past week in Senate. Even though the legislation passed through Senate, it saw a few exceptions in the process.

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According to multiple reports from the state of New York this week, troopers throughout the region are now clamping down on drivers regarding distracted driving rules. Led with a press release from the state’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, New York will be home to “Operation Hang Up,” for the second time. The campaign focuses on cracking down on the cell phone related driving laws that haven’t always been easy to enforce since being enacted.

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According to a recent story from the Associated Press, Alaska has become the most recent state to pass a strict ban relating to texting while driving. The House passed HB255, and then it passed through Senate on Sunday as one of the last pieces of legislature this past weekend.

This was not the first piece of legislature and action that the state of Alaska has tried to take on mobile phone use while driving. Back in 2008, a piece of legislation was passed through that was intended to put a ban on texting and driving; however the lack of specifics in the bill meant that a full ban was not imminent.

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